Summer mules, watermelon to help

Summer mules, watermelon to help

The summer is hot, and babies are particularly prone to having mules. Looking at the baby’s delicate skin, a large piece of red and itchy, mothers are distressed.

How can we let the babies say “bye” to the bitch?

Several types of rice dumplings need to be treated differently from different parts and different colors. Different types of rice dumplings need to be treated differently. The first type is white gardenia, which is common in newborns, and it appears as the majority of sera containing or clustered with serum.
2mm superficial herpes, no conscious symptoms, no special treatment is required locally; the second type is red rash, which is more common in infants and children, and appears as a batch of round and pointed needle-sized pimples that radiate or fuse into slices.Or pimples and rashes, with mild redness, slight burning and itching; the third type is pustules, which often occurs in the folds, such as the flexion of the extremities and genitals, and is common in children’s heads.

Don’t use a cold towel to wipe your child’s sweat to prevent the baby from growing up. Wang Junyi pointed out that parents need to eat, dress, and the environment.

To keep the environment cool, you can use the electric fan and air conditioner properly when the temperature is too high, but be careful not to let the wind directly blow the baby.

When you see your child sweating, you should wipe off the sweat in time, and do not wipe it with a cold towel.

Cold water stimulation can make the sweat glands shut suddenly, making it easier to produce cripples.

Bathe at the same time, you can wash 2-3 times a day; the temperature of the water should not be too cold or hot during the bath, about 38?
42 ℃ is appropriate, you can add “ten drops of water” when bathing, generally 5 liters of bath water with half a bottle of ten drops of water can be used to bathe children, be careful not to use soap, bath, etc.

Do n’t apply too much talcum powder after bathing, so as to avoid mixing with sweat and clogging the sweat glands, causing the baby to sweat poorly and cause boils.

It is better to prevent baby crickets to be used externally. Treatment of cripples is mainly symptomatic and itching can be adjusted by diet. Generally, oral medications are not taken.

What can I do if my baby grows up when I treat it?

The principle of zongzi treatment is anti-inflammatory and itching.

If the baby has a cripple in the head, quickly cut the baby’s hair short, or change the hairstyle, comb the hair back, and do not leave it on the forehead.

If it is an infant, shave your hair.

You can also use antipruritic drugs. It can be said that 3% boric acid solution, gardenia powder or calamine lotion can also be used to rub the affected area with xiangxiangzhengqi water, gardenia water, etc .; ten drops of water, toilet water, etc. can also treat gardenia.
Watermelon calms, quenches thirst, and relieves summer heat.

The white portion of watermelon has curative effects on gardenia.

When a child gives birth, it is very effective to rub the affected area with the white part of the watermelon.

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