How to buy beautiful bird’s nest tips

How to buy beautiful bird’s nest tips

Experts told reporters that there are some secrets to buying beautiful bird’s nests. First, there are 28 types of bird’s nests to be fixed in the place of production.At the same time, the bird’s nest (for example, other Sumatra) that has been picked off at the same time can only be processed with the same cooking and stewing time, and the bird’s nest with the same taste can be tasted.

  The second is to look at the hair of the bird’s nest. Different types of bird’s nests also have different “hairs” (“hair”) means the difference between the weight of the bird’s nest and the body when it is wet.The better, the more experienced you are). Generally, the official Yan has 6-8 times “hair.”

  Third, it depends on whether the bird’s nest is as clean as possible.

  The fourth is that the heads and feet of the two ends of the bird’s nest are thinner and more beautiful.

  Fifth, it depends on whether the bird’s nest is dry and light.

  Regulatory authorities remind the public that the safest way is to purchase bird’s nest from some extended and reliable bird’s nest specialty stores. This will not only guarantee the quality, but also recover the door if there is a quality problem.

  Bird’s nest selection has tips Bird’s nest is a nutritious food that the public likes very much, especially now, winter is a good time to supplement.

However, the quality of bird’s nest in the current market is not good and good. Therefore, citizens often “chuck” (be deceived) when selecting.

Recently, the Guangzhou Municipal Industry and Commerce, price and other food supervision departments jointly established a bird’s nest “live show” with a long-established bird’s nest in Hong Kong.And other knowledge.

  According to the person in charge of the Guangzhou Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce, the main counterfeit methods of bird’s nest on the market are as follows: one is to dye the bird’s nest: the low-priced white bird’s nest is dyed into the high-priced yellow or blood bird’s nest;Many unscrupulous merchants apply paint (such as tapioca flour, fish gelatin powder, eggs, gum, paste, etc.) to the surface of inferior bird’s nests to make the birds appear brighter, thicker, and increase their weight.In order to win a higher profit, it is not easy to identify on the surface; the third is full fake bird’s nest: you can directly eat bird’s nest or broken bird’s nest to make profits, such as resin, Chinese cabbage or bleached nori.

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