Attention to heart disease in summer

Attention to heart disease in summer

Pay attention to day and night air conditioning diseases in summer. Everyone knows that humans are thermostatic animals, and human body temperature must be changed by changing the external temperature.

In summer, the natural world is full of yang, and the temperature and humidity are relatively high. When the human body searches and adjusts the ambient temperature, it is necessary to open and close sweat holes in time to expel excess moisture and heat from the body.

However, now we have artificially created an artificial environment-air conditioner. When we suddenly enter a very low-temperature room from a hot environment, the sweat pores that normally drain sweat suddenly close.

This shutdown comes very suddenly. During the shutdown process, there will be two consequences. The first is that the cold air is closed in the body together; instead, the normal sweat function is interrupted.

Everyone knows that perspiration is a detoxification process of the human body. In summer, the internal and external yang, the body originally transforms the various cold and humid toxic substances in the body and is discharged from the body.
Even if the detox is not complete, it will bring the external cold into the body together.

Therefore, people at this stage are susceptible to air-conditioning disease.

This disease is a cold in the summer.

As the cold is closed in the body, the symptoms are muscle pain, joint pain, headache, no sweat, loss of appetite, and even coldness and fever.

In fact, at this stage of fever, it has been shown that the human body begins to mobilize the strength in the body to expel the cold evil, which is a reflection of the human body’s self-preservation.

At this time, all we have to do is push, in other words, sweating.

In an air-conditioned environment, the abnormally closed hairs are opened again by sweating, and the cold and wet in the body are discharged.

As soon as the body returns to normal sweating, the body temperature will drop, and the feeling of discomfort will gradually disappear.

At this time, do not infuse as soon as you have a fever, it is not of much benefit to human health.

Regarding air-conditioning disease, the old Chinese medicine made the following suggestions: 1. In the early stage, you can use ginger or zinnia ginger several pieces + brown sugar, boil two large bowls of brown sugar ginger tea to help sweat.

2. On the diet, boil egg noodles, put more soup and ginger, and adjust the stomach.

3, if the body rash, red rash, you can drink mung bean soup appropriately to help detoxify, sugar, salt.

4, if conditions permit, appropriate supplements of nutrients, including carotenoids, B, vitamin C, calcium and magnesium tablets, etc.

5. You can use hot water to soak your feet to help you sweat and detox. Once you sweat, the problem is basically solved.

6, you can go to a professional hospital to scrape, massage, cupping to help expel toxins.


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