Unwilling to help the elderly live longer

Unwilling to help the elderly live longer

The elderly should pay attention to health.

The so-called health secrets, in fact, there is no “secret” at all: as long as you rejoice every day, you can keep healthy for years.

The essence is: if you want to enjoy natural life, you must let it go.

This is a bit of a desire for innocence and indisputability.

  There is a lack of desire, and the Buddha and Taoism have this connection, and they are different.

Taoism believes that “My life is in my absent sky”-my life is not determined by God, but I personally control it, as long as I have a hunger and practice bait, guidance, birth rate, alchemy, pill, etc., I can extend my lifeUntil “immortality”, “feather ascends to immortality”.

Buddhism believes that “My life is in my good and evil”-my destiny is not determined by God, but is determined by my own good and evil. As long as I am pure-minded and persist in doing good and good, I can get “good”.

The so-called “good is good, good is bad, evil is bad; it is not not reported, when it is not yet; when it arrives, everything is reported; previous life is not reported in this life, this life is not reported in this life” is also.

Buddhism does not crave for longevity, nor expects immortality; it does not taboo on death, and even calls the death of monks and nuns “perfect silence” (perfect silence), “return to true”, “shun the world” and so on.

The highest realm to be achieved in all Buddhist practice is “Nirvana”-the ideal spiritual realm obtained after extinction of the “reincarnation of life and death”.

This Buddha body is formed after death, so “Nirvana” can also refer to death.

In short, the Buddha is not afraid of death, but is afraid of “accounting after death.”

Therefore, the historian Mr. Fan Wenlan is funny: “The Taoist greed, but the monk is afraid of death.

“Clear heart, not unintentional. It is about clearing up greed (craving), obsession (foolish obsession), nagging (distorting the psychology of hating and harming others), slow (arrogant), because these” food ignorance “The mentality is the root cause of evil deeds.

Buddhism talks about the “Three Realities of Idealism”, “Pure Mind of Self”, “King of Hearts”, “Mind of Mind”, “Mind Method”, etc. There is also a volume of “The Heart Sutra”, which is known as Prajna PoloMultiple Heart Sutras-Supreme wisdom of Nirvana becoming a Buddha.

It can be seen that the so-called “clean heart” is for people to clear away the foolish and evil heart and establish the wisdom and the pure heart.

The so-called “clean mind” of Taoism is generally the same.

  Not long ago, Professor Hu Zhenkai, a psychologist at Peking University, gave a psychological consultation report, publicly addressing: “It’s not enough to just clear the air and calm down, just don’t have heart or lungs!

At that time, I asked why, and replied, “I have no heart and no lungs, not to say that there is no right or wrong, not morality, but to clear away selfishness, not to be entangled in a lot of selfish thoughts, and not to be annoyed at every turn.怒以致‘肺都气炸了’,要保持心脑肺肝平和,仿佛没心没肺似的。Professor Hu said, instead of talking nonsense, there is a way of health care and health, which fits the Buddhist stigma.

  Fetish desire is not lack of desire. What is said is to reduce as much as possible the desire of wine, color, wealth, and qi, because letting materialistic flow inevitably lead to moral loss, and the world’s style will be corrupted until the chaos of the world is destroyed.

Mencius said: “It’s dangerous for the country to pay profits up and down!

“Up and down competitions generally pursue private interests, and the country can be in danger.

History has proven this repeatedly, needless to say.

However, human beings and all living things cannot be “desireless”, and Buddhism and Taoism are no exception.

I say that it is always desire, and it is the greatest desire in the world!

Desire is the requirement to get something or to achieve a certain purpose. It is the directionality of psychological activity.

This kind of directivity is the driving force behind all life movements. Without this driving force, life will stop moving.

Essentially, no desire is lifeless.

  Therefore, even the “most holy” Confucius has never taught people to destroy “human desires”, but just warned people to “desire without greed”.

Even the Buddhist Taoism generally only says “little desire”.

The “no desire” of the so-called “no desire is just” is taken as such.

  You can be relieved by lack of desire, you can tolerate everything, you can let go, and your physiology naturally benefits.

vice versa.

Therefore, whoever wants to benefit with ease, must first be stubborn.

  Jaeger’s ability is desirous.

  So, how can we achieve waning desire?

The answer is: Jade.   To accumulate morality, or to say “accumulate goodness” and “do goodness and accumulate morality”, is to strengthen “goodness” by substituting more “good deeds”, increase “goodness”, and sublime “goodness.”

  Why is the accumulation of goodness (goodness) deprived of human desire because of the nature of all virtues and good deeds of self-restraint, helping others, and benefiting the world, while the essence of human evils is indulging selfish desires, harming others and harming the society.Those who can’t complement each other and grow up together, can only be incompatible with each other.

The process of constantly doing good deeds is the process of continuously accumulating virtues, that is, the process of constantly restraining selfish desires.

With less and less selfish desires, naturally there is less desire.

Being widowed can be at ease, and being at ease can lead to healthy and longevity, but Jide is fundamental and must be recognized first.

As early as 2500 years ago, Lao Tzu focused on saying, “Re-accumulating morality is invincible . it is a deep-rooted, long-lasting way of life.

“Of course,” of course, “includes the most indescribable selfish desires in the world.

  Ju Fan gave money and things to help the crisis, develop public welfare, see the righteousness, except for violent and good, until he gave up his life to get righteousness, killing the person into benevolence, are all those who do good.

Just as Confucius said, “Do what you want, don’t do it to others.” It is a minimum of good virtues. “If you want to build others, if you want to reach others,” it is a noble virtue.It’s “Good Mo Dao.”

Another example is what Buddha Sakya said: Teaching people to do good is great good, and teaching people to do evil is great evil. “Good and evil have their rewards, each has its own cause and effect.”

If you do n’t believe it, there is history to prove it.

Here are a few words.

  The Book of Changes says: “A house of good will have Yu Qing; a house of poor will have Yu Yu.

“Those who have accumulated a lot of good deeds and good virtues will definitely have the remaining happiness Ji Qing left to their children and grandchildren; those who have accumulated a lot of bad deeds and morals must have the remaining disasters left to their children and grandchildren to suffer evil.

  ”Three Character Classic” said: “Dou Yanshan, there is a righteous side.

Teach five sons and fame.

It is said that Dou Yujun, a man from Yuyang County, Jizhou (today, Jin City, Jin) in the late Tang Dynasty and the fifth generation, did evil when he was young, indicating that he dreamed that his late father severely warned him to repent quickly, otherwise there would be a major disaster and short-term death.

He was frightened by cold sweats, and since then he has changed the former. He has accumulated good virtues, paid money to do funerals for the poor, married wives, daughters and rescued hundreds of victims. Even the wise men recommended by him are countless.

He also established 40 academies, collected thousands of books, and recruited children from the poor to study for free, and cultivated many people into useful talents.

He lives very frugally without any decorations like gold jade or any luxury items.

He later gave birth to five sons, and through his words and deeds, all of them were admitted to the jinshi, the official officer is upright, and the world famous.

He lived to the age of 82 without any illness.

Because the famous Yanshan is in Jizhou, some people call Dou Yujun the Dou Yanshan.

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