Women are too happy to be derailed?

Women are too happy to be derailed?

Then we had a long talk. I said that although we love each other, it does not mean that you can no longer associate with other people of the opposite sex, but there must be a bottom line. There is some restraint in the communication. The so-called unboundedness is an alternative to each other.

  When a woman feels ignored and neglected by her husband, she can easily try to find self-confidence from other men, which I believe, I can understand.

  During those days, I kept thinking, if something really happened, she would not leave me and leave this house, but the question is, would I really have no responsibility at all?

  Once I was on duty at night and was just a bit uncomfortable. I asked another doctor to take a taxi home for me at midnight. The situation in front of me surprised me. My wife and her first love boyfriend in college pushed each other to change cups .Although the wife explained that nothing happened, we had a cold war for a week.

  The wife didn’t think so. She first hinted that I didn’t recognize her and didn’t put her in my eyes, and then told me the compliments of the opposite sex on her intentionally or unintentionally. I disagreed, and soon she became silent.

  I think that since my wife and I love each other and my relationship is stable, of course, I do n’t need to turn around her all day, as I do when I am in love. The deep sense of security makes me unable to help shifting my energy to career, friendship and other activities.on.

I am extremely satisfied to have such a state.

  I work in the inpatient department of a large hospital and work very hard and often on duty.

  Mr. Cheng ‘s 31-year-old doctor has been married for 5 years. No matter whether they are the same, I now believe that at that time was a colleague, a classmate or a friend, the temptation of feelings is already commonplace, and it is only natural to evolve from mutual admiration to cheating.thing.

It’s just that what I should face now is how to solve the problem between us.

  What puzzles me is that our marriage is happy and happy, and nothing happened between me and Xiao Wei. It was just that I made a few noises last night because of a trivial matter.Right?

  While they didn’t find me, I hid behind the sycamore tree across the street, and collapsed there. I didn’t know where to go.

  I never thought that I saw Xiao Wei and my buddies in a cafe called “Seven Degrees”. Xiao Wei is my wife. We have been married for 4 years and are extremely loving. My buddies know meFor 10 years, I talked about nothing, but now the two are close to each other and talk intimately together. I can’t believe my eyes.

  Mr. Xin ‘s 32-year-old department manager got married for 4 years. It turned out to be an article about how to diversify things. I do n’t care. What ‘s wrong, are both my husband and wife, and what are they doing?

Soon, I found out that my wife became obsessed with surfing the Internet, often when I woke up, she was not around.

Once when she was not at home, I called up all her chat records. God, she was engaged in online dating, and also simulated online sex life . One day my wife pointed to the nightstand and said: I put a Hong Kong life magazine there, Alas, the page opened is very interesting.

I took it handy, and the first thing I saw was an exquisitely printed Italian toilet advertisement, “What?

Want to change the toilet equipment again?

“My wife stepped over with anger.” Boring, I’m letting you read the article above.

Occasionally my wife would say, “Husband, have you upgraded your computer recently?

Also upgrade our lives.

“I always think she’s joking. We’ve done a good job. What’s not satisfied with her?

  I’m doing everything I can to give her an excellent life and give her everything she wants. I feel tired, so my wife often says that I see a bed better than see her.

But I love her as always.

  After 8 years of marriage, I feel that I have lived with my wife for a lifetime, including sexual life. We all seem to do radio gymnastics and have a fixed procedure, but not bad?

  Mr. Ou, 35 years old network engineer, has been married for 8 years

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