Have the desire to have sex to achieve a synchronized climax

Have the desire to have sex to achieve a synchronized climax

The speed at which men and women respond to sex is very different.

When there is a desire for sex in the brain, the male will react immediately.

Their bodies obey orders like soldiers.

Once the brain sends out commands of desire, it takes only a moment for their bodies to be fully prepared for the moment of passion.


hzh {display: none; }  而女性的准备过程就要复杂得多,我们无法一下子将那些日常琐事全部抛开,立刻沉浸到温柔乡中去。When the night comes, the hard work of the day has often made us feel irritated and exhausted. In this state, only sleeping is the happiest thing in the world. Who can have the mood and strength to experience the romantic heartbeat.What?

  The frustration of coming to each other will let you quickly understand each other and enjoy the wildest sex one day.

  Experience the effects of them for yourself!

  She shed tears – “He is very arrogant, only doing his best for that second.

I don’t care about my feelings.

“” He actually blamed me for being tempered.

Of course, I have to roar with him: my body has no good weather, and where is the good temper!

“” As soon as he starts to kiss my neck or tells me that I am beautiful, I will know what will happen next.”

If you don’t need to do it, he usually looks like a root wood!

So when I was teased, I felt so boring.

“He refused -” we can hardly make love again.

She said that she needed more warmth, but when I showed her love, she refused.

Hard to understand.

“She was so exaggerated when she was excited, so that I wonder if it is so strong?”

I hope she can tell me if she is really happy.

“I boast that she is sexy, she will be so jealous of me: hate.”

I kept silent, she yelled at me: dead pigs who didn’t understand anything!

I know that what she said is not true, but I really feel very disappointed.

  Stopo, a sex psychologist, said: “There is no pair of physically harmonious couples who break up for trivial matters.

Couples with perfect sex can have different opinions about everything under the sun, but they will never lose their temper, have no angry look, and have a desire to separate.

They only appreciate the difference between each other.

Conversely, they can have 99% complete harmony with other things.

If their sexual behaviors are not completely harmonious, their feelings will be divided and changed. In other words, they are eager to separate.

Only when you experience the vitality and sexual vitality of the strong love at the same time, the “two platforms” partners have the most perfect sexual experience. Sexual love is not only physically but also emotionally satisfying.

“This is the words of a sexologist.

We know that there is never a deep hatred between quite a few couples.

Even the saying that “the misplaced position of interest” and “the pursuit of part-time work” are just cover-up statements.

The sexual life between them is not harmonious, and it is inevitable that they will not be on the same platform for a long time.

Can you believe that two companions who can make each other’s body extremely happy, isn’t it a fierce conflict between rubber and paint, emotional smuggling, and even a big break?

  This is obviously not true.

  Many people think that passion is something that can happen at once.

For example, when confronted with a lover, suddenly for the desire, I can’t wait to have a lover into the bedroom. Many of the movies are called classic shots.This is not the case, we are misled very well.

You must know that for the stability of psychological maturity, sex is not equal to sexual intercourse. Although your partner is eyebrows with you, it is a kind of passion for sex, and the passion for sex, not for sexual life.For the sake of the two relatives, I have the opportunity to feel that the two are inseparable.

It is not a suggestion that you will go to the rain immediately.

  Women are hoping to enjoy and extend the time of his love, but he has to hurry to hurry.

This is the most common out of sync phenomenon.

  The only communication that can solve many sexual problems cannot be solved, often because one or both parties will not or inconvenience to communicate in a candid and sincere manner.

  In terms of physical needs, don’t believe in the pretentious guidance and say what “mystery” to keep.

No need for mystery, even without hinting.

The most effective way to make your body as satisfying as him is to tell him what you need, what should he do?

  Don’t let your partner explore you in terms of physical enjoyment, guess you, or even find you.

He will be very tired, nervous, annoyed, and then escaping or running away.

These are the evil consequences of doing mystery.

So, tell him. If you want to make the love between you seduce and temptation, then you should first accurately confirm: Before you physically touch, he most appreciates your strengths?

These advantages have a long-term temptation for him. Don’t worry because the relationship has gone further and is safe.

It is necessary to continue to maintain and carry forward.

  For men, sex is the original form that he is willing to pay, and is the way to give his spirit and flesh.

Therefore, men’s self-respect and enthusiasm when giving themselves is very easy to get hurt.

Your cold-spoken or dismissive response is a big blow to him.

Even if you don’t want to, don’t give comfort to you.

  Learning to understand that a man’s energy release at high tide is only five seconds, but he has to spend a lot of energy.

If people only do not wait for you occasionally, don’t refuse to give him consideration and comfort.

  Physical communication is an activity that needs to be carried out when the gas phase is most abundant.

Long-term fatigue and depression can make people lose interest.

Most people have a misconception that making love occurs naturally, without pre-arrangement, so they often surround the embarrassment of making love time.

Start now, carefully arrange your time to enjoy your body, and the desire will gradually return to you.

  About 3/4 of all sex-related problems are unrelated to sexual dysfunction, even caused by fear, nervousness, uncertainty or boredom.

How can we maintain a normal sexual desire after marriage?

What is the “normal” sexual desire, there is no standard answer to such questions, and each person’s problem must be resolved according to each individual’s situation.

However, the loss of sexual desire is not a terminal illness, usually adjusting the mentality, it will quickly improve.

It is a very effective means to go to the specialist for help.

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