What should I do if my feet are smelly?

Five points to prevent foot odor

What should I do if my feet are smelly?
Five points to prevent foot odor

In our daily communication activities, we often encounter a very embarrassing thing, that is, some people’s feet are particularly smelly, and they can smell the smell through their shoes.

In this case, it will make normal communication activities impossible, make people with bad feet embarrassed, and make people who smell bad smell very disgusted.

  Why do some people smell bad feet and some people don’t smell bad? In fact, there is nothing strange about this.

The sweat glands secrete at different speeds on different people’s feet, so the amount of excretion is also different.

Another thing is that foot odor is different from personal hygiene habits and shoe wear habits, which will affect the foot odor.

You must know that there are many sweat glands in the feet, and it is easy to sweat. In addition to molecular weight and salt, sweat also contains lactic acid and urea.

Under sweaty conditions, the bacteria on the feet multiply and break down keratin, plus urea and lactic acid in sweat, which will give off an odor.

If the shoes are not breathable and air is not flowing, the odor will accumulate and become stronger, and the odor will be extremely strong.

  If dialysis, sweaty feet, infiltration or non-ventilation of shoes, socks can cause pathological foot odor; or through contaminated bath hall, pool floor, bath towels, public slippers, foot basin, etc.Sexual foot odor, or beriberi.

This is a relatively serious skin disease, and prevention must be done to prevent infection.

  To prevent foot odor in the future is to do the following.

  First, pay attention to foot cleaning, it is best to use hot water to bubble your feet before going to bed every night, which can prevent foot odor and help improve sleep quality.

At the same time, change socks frequently.

  Second, usually should not wear sports shoes, travel shoes and other air-impermeable shoes, so as not to cause excessive foot sweat, foot odor worsening.

  Third, actively eliminate predisposing factors such as foot sweat and athlete’s foot.

  Fourth, do not eat foods that are likely to cause sweat, such as peppers, green onions, and garlic.

  Fifth, the mood should be quiet, excitement easily induces sweating, and aggravates foot odor.

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