Chinese women’s volleyball team will enter the finals of the World Championships after 16 years

Chinese women’s volleyball team will reach the final of the World Championship 16 years later, will compete with the US team for the championship
Minnan News October 13 News After 16 years, once again broke into the women’s volleyball world championship finals, the Chinese women’s volleyball team finally ushered in the opportunity to compete.In the early hours of yesterday, Beijing time, the semifinals of the 2014 Women’s Volleyball World Championship ended in the second game in Milan, Italy. The Chinese women’s volleyball team beat the host Italian team 25 to 21, 25 to 20, 20 to 25 and 30 to 28, with a total score of 3 to 1.Revenge was defeated by opponents in the quarter-finals, and after 1998, he entered the World Championship final again, and will compete with the US team for the World Championship championship.The children were laid back and the old lady couldn’t stand it. Because Xu Yunli was injured in the previous game against Dominica, 17-year-old teenager Yuan Xinyue replaced her as the starter. It was her blocking score at the crucial moment of the first game that helped the team take the lead.In the subsequent game, although the Italian team became more and more courageous in the cheering of home fans Shan Hsunami, the rhythm of the Chinese women’s volleyball team was not disturbed, and eventually won the opportunity for promotion.  After scoring the last point, the coaching staff and all the players rushed into the field to cheer and celebrate together.They hugged me sweaty, still yelling in my ears, causing my tinnitus for a long time.I said, ‘Children, take it easy, the old lady can’t stand it!In an interview, coach Lang Ping said.  For the game, Lang Ping said: This result really did not think about it.After winning the ball, I was so happy.This group of children is especially worth exercising. I have seen this kind of ball more, but they haven’t seen it.  The Chinese women’s volleyball team was not optimistic about playing in the World Championships. Pan Zhichen, director of the Volleyball Management Center, said in an interview before that the goal of ensuring the top six is in line with the actual situation of the Chinese team.  After the game, the official website of the World Championships wrote that the Chinese women’s volleyball team under the leadership of coach Lang Ping staged an anti-guest show, although the team’s performance in the previous game fluctuated, but this time when facing the hostA convincing performance deserves such a victory.Head coach Lang Ping rushed for the fourth time   Because of the hardship of the Chinese team, the Brazilian women’s volleyball team missed the final. The Chinese women’s volleyball team will face the US team in the final and usher in a great opportunity to compete for the championship.  At 2 a.m. today, the final battle will be played between the Chinese team and the US team. This is the seventh match between the two teams at the World Championship.The US team won the first three of these seven matches (1956, 1978, 1982), and the Chinese team won the last three (1986, 1990, 2006).The Chinese team has previously won 13 consecutive victories against teams from Central America, North America and the Caribbean at the World Championships.  For Lang Ping himself, the head coach of the national team is almost 20 years old, but the only thing missing in his career is to be on the podium of the world championship as a coach, and he has brought two national teams three times.Reached the finals of the world’s three major competitions, three times were runner-up.In the early hours of this morning, can Lang Ping break the spell for the fourth time?Related news Brazil was accidentally swept away in the Haidu News In another semi-final that ended early yesterday morning, the winning champion Brazil was swept out by the U.S. women’s volleyball team 0 to 3 and missed the final for the first time in eight years.  As the number one seed team in the World Championships, the strength of the Brazilian women’s volleyball team that has won two consecutive Olympic titles is undoubtedly. The previous promotion road has also been smooth, and it has won 11 consecutive victories and entered the semi-finals.However, in the face of the well-prepared United States team, the Brazilian women’s volleyball team apparently lost the pace of the game. Both ends of the offense and defense were completely suppressed by young opponents, and finally suffered a complete defeat.  The official website of the tournament said that it is difficult to believe that the Brazilian team that had the highest voice of the championship before lost to the US team in such a way. The American women’s volleyball team that appeared on the final stage 12 years later will definitely do its best for the championship.(New body)

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