Analysis of the cause of dry eyes

Analysis of the cause of dry eyes

It is believed that those who wear contact lenses have had dry eye problems. If the condition persists and causes serious seriousness, it means that they have developed dry eye problems.

Xerophthalmia usually does not cause serious diseases, but if not handled properly, it may cause eye damage and even corneal inflammation.

The dry weather in winter is particularly prone to dry eyes. It is time to use experts to explain the daily eye protection to prevent dry eyes.

  Middle-aged tear secretion reduces the secretion of tears from the lacrimal glands, which can provide enzymes to clean the eyeballs. In case of insufficient secretion of tears, dry eyes may be caused.

Experts say that tears are made up of three layers. The top surface is the grease layer, the thickest layer is the aqueous secretion layer, and the most likely is the mucus layer. If one of the layers is insufficiently secreted, it can cause dry eyes.

The reason for the decrease in tear secretion is the lack of vitamins in the body, or the change in diarrhea caused by the reduced secretion of hormones in the middle-aged people. The tear gland secretion may also cause dry eyes.

  The main symptoms of xerophthalmia are dry eyes, foreign body sensation, red eyes, itching, or pain.

If the dry eye time complications are improved after nursing, it is not considered dry eye disease.

“People with dry eye experience severe discomfort and often want to close their eyes.

Dr. Zheng pointed out that dry eye disease generally does not cause serious problems. If not handled properly, a small number of people will cause corneal inflammation due to damage to the corneal epidermis, which will cause vision damage.

  Contact lenses are easy to dry More and more people wear contact lenses. Experts say that about every ten contact lens wearers will have dry eye symptoms.

“Soft contact lenses absorb water and absorb tears on the surface of the cornea. If the wearer lacks tears and wears them repeatedly, it can easily cause dryness and discomfort in the eyes.

“Experts point out that some contact lenses in the market have a high moisture content, but the higher the size of the lenses, the stronger the water absorption, making the situation of dry eyes more serious.

She added: “Dry weather makes the dry eye problem more serious. The moisture in the air is constantly volatile and the lenses in the eye are constantly absorbing water. Therefore, special attention should be paid to eye care in winter.

“People who handle paperwork indoors, because they have been in an air-conditioned environment for a long time, the water in their eyes is easily drained. Together with the continuous look at the computer to reduce the number of blinks, it also easily causes dry eyes.

Experts point out that long-term use of computers can cause computer vision syndrome. One of the symptoms is redness, eye fatigue and dryness. Therefore, people in this document should pay extra attention.

  Eye Care Tips 1.

Get enough sleep and a balanced diet, and absorb enough vitamins and minerals.


Avoid using the computer continuously, taking short breaks every half hour and looking at the horizon.


It is recommended to wear contact lenses that are disposable or changed regularly.


When your eyes feel uncomfortable, you can use individually packaged and non-medicated artificial tears to add moisture to your eyes while avoiding over-the-counter eye drops.


Blinks and yawns can cause tears in the eyes, reducing dryness.


General soft contact lenses should not be worn continuously for more than twelve hours and should be taken off while sleeping.

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