Understand five kinds of psychology, create a harmonious marriage

Understand five kinds of psychology, create a harmonious marriage

If a husband and wife want to achieve mutual affection and intimacy, they must understand the psychological needs of both parties in order to achieve harmony and happiness.

  The famous American psychologist Murray summarized the human psychological needs, which led to the harmony of husband and wife must meet the five psychological needs of both parties.

  The need for respect has a person’s self-esteem since childhood, and once it is damaged, it will be painful.

If respected, it may be comforting and satisfying.

Mutual respect and trust between husband and wife is the basic guarantee for deepening love and career success.

Any rebuke or contempt of degrading a lover will damage the other’s self-esteem.

  The need for autonomy and performance everyone wants to do things according to their own ideas and will.

This is the need for autonomy.

Everyone wants to express themselves in front of others, give play to their talents, and use their own wisdom to create considerable labor results, so as to satisfy their performance psychology.

  Spouses should often use words or behaviors to make each other happy, surprised, fascinated, and have long eyebrows.

  The need for communication is the source of joy in people’s lives.

The practice of not allowing a lover to interact with others will not only guarantee the unification of love, it will destroy the psychological balance of the other party, become tired of family life, and have an antipathy towards the lover. As a result, the marriage can be broken.

  Hobby and emotional needs Each person has different hobbies and should meet and meet the psychological needs of the other party and provide convenience for the other party.

Emotional needs are centered on love, and lasting love accompanies each other to obtain the greatest psychological satisfaction.

Otherwise, the feeling of loss will grow up, dissatisfaction, worry, and resentment will follow.

  When you need to vent your love, when you are not happy, you always want to find someone to tell you something.

The object of this kind of catharsis is of course their lover, and both husband and wife take each other as the best object for catharsis.

Therefore, either party has violated the law and blamed the other for a broken heart or chest, or suspected that the other was embarrassed.

Instead, they should take the initiative to accept the other side’s venting, and further comfort, guide, and relieve their inner pain, so that the other side can be freed from the inner relativity and establish a new psychological balance.

In this way, the internal pain will disappear and the relationship between the couple will be further strengthened.

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