Love turns grass can eat but not eat

Love turns grass can eat but not eat

Regarding the question of whether or not “Turngrass” eats or not, it reminds me of the famous story of selecting wheat ears.

Beside a field of wheat, three people were told that they had only one chance to choose one wheat ear at a time, and they were not allowed to go back and see who chose the best.

As soon as the first person got out of the wheat field, he happily chose a wheat ear that looked quite large. After the second person got out of the field, he walked around to understand the growth of the wheat, and then walked about halfway, and choseI think one of the biggest wheat ears he thinks; the third person is probably a football enthusiast, keeping in mind Bailey ‘s famous saying “the best goal is the next one”, he has been walking in the wheat field, always feel that the following is stillThere was a size of wheat ears, but I walked to the edge of the wheat field. I had no choice but to pick a wheat ear nearby.

  If this story is used in love or marriage choices, then the third person is the hardest and the closest to the “good horse” who “does not eat back grass”.

It may be because it is a “good horse” and can go farther, so don’t look back. As a result, the biggest ear of wheat can only be left in the memory, and at the end of the wheat field, just choose one ear.

  In fact, if you think about it, there are not many things that ca n’t be “turned back” in one’s life. If you say that life has two coordinates, time and space, only time ca n’t be “turned back”.

“Don’t eat back grass” is just a saying, if any horse can “visit” the same grass at different times, that grass is still waiting for the horse.

  Regrettably, due to the inexplicable ancient motto “Good horses do n’t eat reed grass”, how many “grass” are still there but “horses” are not seen. This phenomenon is accompanied by a problem of ideas. I ca n’t say that it ‘s more because of faceproblem.

  I can’t figure it out. If the grass turning back is still there, if the road ahead is too rugged, or even leads to the desert, why can’t we turn back?

Those guys who have to find the next better grass or ears of wheat, sigh and regret after years of their lives, only to find that the best has actually been missed. Such a so-called “good horse” really doesn’t know where it is.

If the “Turngrass” is so delicious and sweet, and still waiting for you there, I might as well turn around and set off immediately. This is a true “good horse”, which is the so-called “Love is boundless and the grass is turned back.”

  Recognize your heart from ancient times to the present, love is the eternal theme of countless literati, but there is no unified definition.

Some people say that love is a relatively correct encounter between two people at the right time, in the right place; scientists say that love is a chemical reaction, and its maximum validity period is two years.

Taken together, the two remarks can also be understood in this way: the so-called love is constantly growing and disillusioning, and it is repeated over and over, and it will be performed many times on one person.

The reason why the two became lover and stayed together for a long time began through love to suit the continuation.

Everyone’s love, due to the effects of chemical reactions or hormones, can have countless starts. When a person keeps on the road of love, he finds that the one that is best for him has stopped halfway.

Is to move on?

Or looking back?

  People’s missed things are hindered by the well-known legend that “good horses don’t eat the grass”, even if they regret trying to hit the wall because their face is reluctant to buy a return ticket.

There is a saying very well, shoes are not suitable, only the feet know, the heart is not bitter, and only can know.

The heart is the strongest and most fragile place. The vitality of the heart of the agreement will be stronger, and the distortion will gradually decline.

Everyone ‘s feelings will be disturbed by external forces and deviate from the track, but it is also because of its disengagement that it will be completely correct and compatible with the original track, and it will be doubled, otherwise he or she will never be awareTo how happy you are, which one is what you want.

  ”Suddenly looking back, the man is in a dim light.” This is also an eternal saying. The ancestors have the right to look back, and they are not embarrassed. It is not necessary for future generations.

“Knowing the current affairs is Junjie”, knowing your own heart, happiness is the most important thing, not the best, but the most suitable.

When it ‘s time to turn around, you have the courage to turn around, so that your tickets will not expire, leaving you with no spare regrets.

  When I was in love like old tea and drinking tea, I once did this test for two younger sisters: Q: The first love lover asked you to meet, see you?

The two answered in unison: See you!

No see no see!

Q: Will you have dinner with you?

The two answered the same: go!

Don’t go for nothing!

Question: Have a good night with you, why not?

  The two still spoke in unison: quit!

After speaking, look at each other, then laughed.

  This random test method, of course, has no universal significance.

It can only show that some people no longer hold too much hope for the love they once had, and regard it as a kind of psychological emotion in the subconscious.

Love is like tea.

The love that I have now is like the cup of hot strong tea in front of me. Even if it is not sweet, with a bit of bitterness, the refreshing fragrance and warmth of the blood are enough to give people a sense of the body.It quenches thirst and warms the stomach. This is the dull and real effect of the new tea in front of it, so someone calls it: Xiang Xiang.

  Once love, such as overnight old tea, may look beautiful on the table, and can turn into a beautiful scenery.

Seeing people through things, once gentle and lingering, pure and sweet, suddenly moving, and the romance and passion intertwined with the red cloud in his arms, he thinks that memory is a taste of life.

If you really want to re-taste, the cup with your hands will no longer be warm, and the human face at the table will no longer be red.

Even if it’s not bitter, it doesn’t have any scent, and it’s boring.

  A cup of cold overnight old tea, when viewed from the scenery, can not be compared to the window, when quenching thirst, than when boiling water, can only increase coldness, sorrow and sigh.

  What about turning back?

Not as good as memories.

  Stubbornly love to walk away stubbornly. When a person has to consider whether to eat or not to turn back to the grass, it must be the time to be extremely sad.

Either I searched the horizon, but did not find the more beautiful fragrant grass in the imagination, or I was in love with new love, but I had no choice but to have a lot of love. There were unpredictable situations in the sky.Difficult to find, or the sudden interruption of existing relationships, is a great sadness in life.

At this time, if it happens, he suddenly looks back, but the old man is in the midst of the lights, and there is a turning point in the confused and confused emotional journey. This is a bit anxious, half awkward looking back, eating or not?

  At this stage, a man who is doing well is talking about the outside. If the wind leaks to his wife, I am afraid that he will not escape the severe punishment of kneeling in the middle of the night.

However, “people have no far-reaching concerns, they must have near-term concerns.” People’s growth path is long and unknown. They believe that this topic is full of peace and preparedness, and that they despise people for taking risks and are worthy of serious consideration.

  I once saw a true story. After the death of a general’s old wife, many people around him introduced their wives, some introduced university professors who were also widowed in their old age, and some were old women who had not been married for many years. They were rejected by the generals.The general’s trustee worked so hard to find the girl he had loved in his youth in his hometown-of course, now he is old and wrinkled, and the wife of the old lover of his dream has also died. The general took thisThe poor and old peasant lady entered the city, and the prince and princess lived happily ever after.

This is a typical story of re-eating grass. At that time, the colleagues in the office saw most of them moved and sighed.

  Each person has a different personality, and each has different choices. Maybe it doesn’t matter whether it is right or wrong.

I contend that I am a “good horse”, and I firmly declare that I will not eat it.

Whoever found true love should be like Jack?

The wolf on the wasteland written in the London novel, the patience of the hunter must be greater than that of the prey, like a university student who pursues learning, and then suffers again and again, and does not stop until he fails to achieve his purpose.

Persist until the end, until the other party is deeply moved, know how to cherish your true love, “love you”, or the other party is completely miserable by your entanglement and has “annoyed you”.

  ”. If God gave me another chance, I will merge with you and say I love you. If I have to add a time limit to this love, I hope it will be 10,000 years.

“The lines in” Journey to the West “have aroused strong resonance from too many people, and are considered by many young people to be a classic in the world. In fact, this is the world’s most unproductive and meaningless nightmare.

What’s the use, why did you go early?

  It’s time to fall in love, no matter whether they used to be violent and “love you” with each other, or I ‘ve been shaved and hot, and you have been “annoyed”, today ‘s you are no longer you of yesterday, and I ‘m no longerIt was me, you and I have been changed a lot by the years.

Either it looks like two parallel lines and never crosses, or it is old age and loves all the time.

If I was so stubborn and scarce you when you pursued you and you did not accept it, or when I was with you so stubbornly tolerant of you and could not stop the destruction of the marriage, I will look back and walk with my head up, and I will never find itTravel companion, don’t look back to graze, stubborn as before.

  Why does love have to come back? Many of my friends have had too much experience. I am a very gentle girl who has such a boyfriend. Every time I quarrel with her, I have to put a firework on my wrist as a warning.And commemoration, it will not be hot before coming down, regret?

No, it’s true that each other is tired.

  After a big quarrel, the girl finally chose to leave. A few days later, the boy returned to the girl with the fireworks. The girl said that the decision was absolutely impossible. The two of us were separated because we could n’t get through.Life is normal, and besides, how much love do we have to come back?

  Many times, I can’t guess the complex emotional relationships, is it because of nostalgia?

Is it because of habits?

Or is it because you are afraid or too lazy to look for new goals?

Anyway, someone still ran back that old road.

  I admire my sister very much, so I have always discouraged going back in love. At first, breaking up is a very painful realization. Is it stupid for you to realize this pain in a person?

Of course, who is exercising.

  The two people realized that breaking up is a process of understanding. Then, since they broke up, it definitely shows that this relationship is extremely unreliable.

You can sing a piece of extremely unreliable text into a song, but you can’t make a relationship with errors into a marriage life.

Of course, some impulsive and willing to be deceived for a lifetime are not excluded.

  I can always see someone dying after breaking up because, then, in a big city, two people have become acquainted with each other, and anyone will have a feeling of regret.

  It is under such a longing torment that there are ten memories of yesterday and nine memories, and one day, waiting for the old feelings to return.  Maybe, the old love may be revived someday, but who dares to guarantee that reconciliation will always be the same?

When two people are holding each other’s “bottom case”, the arms that are broken and reunited will surely return warm.

  On a cloudy day a few years ago, Mo Wenwei asked: Is the revival of old love a spiritual opium or a boring pastime at the end of the century?

Liu Huan hurriedly answered: In the end, those thoughts are the same, and the lingering will never change. It is nothing more or less. Who knows the depth and shallowness.

  Faye Wong is also very straightforward, saying goodbye, when love has become a lie, don’t be attached to it.

  As soon as Faye Wong didn’t fall in love, the crystal of love with Li Yapeng fell to the ground.

  Life will continue to be as good as ever, and it will not be changed by anyone.

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