Oil control: Ten tricks let you retreat from the inside out _1

Oil control: Ten strokes let you retreat the screw from the inside out

It ‘s summer, and the water and oil are really uncomfortable. Xiaobian teaches you 10 ways to control the oil carefully, letting you retreat from the inside out.

  1. It is important to clean the oil-stricken areas-there are many oil glands in the T area, and the secretion of oil is super vigorous. You must focus on the forehead, and the nose and chin when cleaning your face.

  2. Don’t forget to replenish after using the oil-absorbing paper-the oil-absorbing paper is really easy to use.

As everyone knows, the shine is controlled, but your skin is getting less and less hydrated.

In mid-summer season, apply a hydrating mask 1-2 times a week to let the moisturizing factors penetrate into the skin to be soft, so as to fully moisturize the skin.

  3, before using oil-control skin care products-before using oil-control moisturizing products, first apply a lotion, it can effectively detoxify the skin, so that the skin breathes more smoothly.

  4. You don’t need to massage very much when washing your face-you shouldn’t wash your face too many times. It is advisable to wash your cheeks 2-3 times a day. You don’t need to massage your cheeks very much, that will only make your face drier.

  5, shrink pores to the horny-choose the right horny products, can not only promote aging skin, but also keep the skin fresh and comfortable, easy to parting oil.

It is necessary to pay attention to the pores at the age when the air is dry and prone to keratin. It is also necessary in the hot summer. Keeping the skin cleansing liquid can inhibit the secretion of oil.

  6, focus on the maintenance of oily skin-if you often shine full, you need to increase the intensity of oil control.

It is necessary to use a refreshing oil control night cream at night to fully penetrate the technical ingredients into the pores and suppress the peak of sebaceous gland secretion. During the day, you must also use a refreshing moisturizing product to effectively clean the capillary pores and purify the skin.

  7. Identify the key points of oil control ingredients-you can look at its ingredients when purchasing oil control products. Among them, vitamin B2 can regulate oil secretion, alleviate and skin ulcers; while vitamin B6 can metabolize proteins and prevent seborrheic dermatitis.

  8. Use a special sponge to help cleansing-this is a small detail that can make greasy skin refreshing. You must rub the cleansing liquid in the palm of your hand to make a foam, and then use a sponge to increase the foam. Remove the sponge from the neck, the mouth, and the chinBrush your cheeks and nose in a sequential order; while delicate parts such as the nose and eyes are wrapped around your fingers with a towel, and you can wipe them with foam.

  9. Carry lotion with you-the temperature difference between morning and evening is large, and you will inevitably sweat on the road at noon. At this time, don’t think that taking a tissue and wiping off the sweat is done.

You should carry a bottle of lotion with you and gently pat it on your face when needed.

  10, bathing in the morning is comfortable all day-it is best to develop a good habit of bathing in the morning.

The water temperature can be moderately warm, so that the sweat will be moderate outside the body, and even if you just wash it with a spray, it will keep you fresh all day.

Also, don’t forget to use astringent lotion after bathing.

  After learning these tricks, I believe you have repelled the small scale and returned your skin in the water. Try it with beauty mm!

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