The lack of passion in male life turned out to be menopause

The lack of passion in male life turned out to be menopause

Middle-aged and elderly men lack of passion for work and life—check the symptoms of “menopause” caused by androgen deficiency.

  The 56-year-old director of the factory has been working hard all these years, and the factory is booming.

But from the previous year, the director of the factory started to be careless about work, drowsy at work, and often tired and bored.

He went to the hospital for a medical examination, but found no problems.

Recently, he found Professor Zheng Xinmin of the Urology Andrology Department of Central South Hospital. After examination, he found that his androgen was low, which led to the symptoms of “menopause”.

  Zheng Xinmin said that androgens play a very important role in men’s health.

At the age of 20-30, androgen in men reaches its peak. Men’s sexual desire, sexual excitement and ability to erect all require androgen to help.

After 40 years of age, androgen production is significantly reduced.

After 50 years of age, androgen secretion in men will decrease by about 1/3, and some corresponding symptoms will appear at the same time, such as showing general weakness, insomnia, lack of appetite, sore body, forgetfulness, causing inattention, for no reasonLoss of temper, more importantly, decreased sexual desire.

The above manifestations are medically referred to as “late onset hypogonadism,” or “menopause.”

  Experts remind that if you have unexplained fatigue, insomnia and other symptoms, it is best to check androgens to rule out the possibility of “male menopause”.

Middle-aged and elderly people must establish a reasonable lifestyle, have proper exercise, a scientific burden, balanced nutrition, adequate rest and an optimistic mentality, and spend menopause smoothly.

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