Why is it difficult for a girl to communicate with her dad?

Why is it difficult for a girl to communicate with her dad?

A “snap”, when the father, despite his mother’s objection, pulled off the fiber optic plug again and scolded his daughter to do his homework, the 17-year-old daughter ran back to the bedroom in tears and took the already prepared “poison rat” .A few days ago, the reporter saw Xiaoxue (pseudonym) and her mother in the medical ward of the Emergency Center of Sichuan Provincial People’s Hospital.

According to Xiaoxue’s mother, at 10 pm the day before, her daughter who was reading high school turned on the TV and waited to watch her favorite TV series.

“Watch TV before you finish your homework and do your homework!

“Xue Xue’s father sternly ordered his daughter, but Xiao Xue continued to watch TV.

Seeing her daughter being so disobedient, the angry father walked to the corner and pulled open the optical fiber plug of the TV set. Xiaoxue re-plugged the plug stubbornly . Seeing the dispute between the father and daughter, the mother saidA pair of “As soon as your daughter has finished her lesson, you can show her!”

“You know how to protect her!”

“Seeing his wife also helped her daughter, Xiaoxue’s father was furious.

Then the couple quarreled, and Xiao Xue, crying, ran back to her bedroom.

When the mother went to find her daughter, Xiao Xue, who was sitting in front of the computer desk, found that her body was cold, and next to it was a box with the drug poison.

  Xiaoxue’s mother said that her husband was an illiterate person and he never understood what communication means. “Whenever a problem arises, I only know beating and scolding!

I lose my daughter’s book when she gets angry. ”

Xiaoxue also said that her father was very irritable. She had been thinking of “this” for half a year, and she had bought the medicine from the stall a month ago.

  Xiaoxue’s father told reporters that he and his daughter “cannot communicate at all!

I said she didn’t listen, her mother had to quarrel with me!

“He didn’t expect his daughter to take poison and commit suicide.” In this era, all knowledge is used to survive and eat. I have eaten all my life and lost my culture. I don’t want my daughter to do this again.

Xiaoxue’s father told reporters that he pinned all his hopes on his daughter, but did not expect it to be the result.

After this incident, he should really consider how to communicate with his daughter and how to educate his daughter.

  Expert comment: Senior psychological counselor Zhu Changshui: “The first period of rebellion is about one and a half years old, the second is between 12 and 14 years old, and the third period of rebellion occurs at this age of Xiaoxue ——— 17 years old!

“Mr. Zhu, who has been engaged in education and psychological research for a long time, said that Xiao Xue is at the age when people are transitioning from” natural people “to” social people. “At this time, they are in a period of high rebellion. If children at this stage reappearPoor communication with family members, or emotional discharge has not been properly ventilated, will accumulate after a certain amount of accumulation.

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