Sisters of the Universe Frost Age Collection

“Sisters of the Universe” Frost Age Collection

Recently, the reality TV show “Sisters Over Flowers” aired on TV has set off a new round of elder sister fever.

The beautiful sisters Lin Zhiling, Xu Fan, Wang Lin, Tong Meijuan, and Song Qian formed a powerful elder sister group to join hands with Ma Tianyu and Li Zhiting for a 15-day tour of Turkey and Italy abroad.

This set off a new round of sister fever.

Hurry up and learn with your sisters, freeze beautiful!

  Lin Zhiling Taiwan goddess Lin Zhiling has been popular in Asia with “oxygen beauty”.

173’s proud legs, exquisite face, is the dream lover in the hearts of many male fans, but also the dream of female fans.

  Lin Zhiling’s “freezing age” has secrets: 1.

Moisturizing for more than ten years like a day; 2.

2. Sun protection work well; 3.

“Antioxidant” is also one of the important tasks of “freezing age”; 4.

Healthy eating and exercise.

  In Taiwan, 90% of the stars do micro plastic surgery. Both female stars love to play hyaluronic acid and botulinum toxin, and male stars also do radio skin care. Artists consider maintaining image as a job responsibility.

When Sister Zhiling was asked if she had any plastic surgery, Lin Damei said gently: it was just necessary maintenance!

  Song Qian 28-year-old Song Qian’s skin is still relatively good, delicate and smooth, but her dark circles are more serious.

This is a common problem of many young MMs. First, they often stay up late, and many girls feel that they have not yet reached the age of using eye cream. In fact, this idea is very wrong!

 Once dark circles are formed, basically only medical cosmetic methods can be completely removed in the short term.

At present, there is a popular method for treating dark circles. Laser removal of dark circles has a good effect.

  Laser removal of dark circles is a non-surgical treatment. It has no open injuries, does not require anesthesia, and is very safe.

Some people may have local redness and swelling, which is normal. If combined with eye care and daily maintenance, the effect will be more durable.

  Laser eye removal is a far-infrared long-pulse laser that adapts to dark circles caused by a variety of factors. After regular treatment and professional care, it can effectively break down the lower eyelids, deep pigmentation at the orbit, improve skin metabolism, and promote bloodCirculation, lymph circulation, to achieve the purpose of treating dark circles.

The price is related to the duration of treatment.

General laser to remove dark circles about 3?
You can see obvious results in 5 courses.

  Compared with the previous two sisters, Wang Lin’s maintenance skills are even more amazing.

Aunt Xue was white and delicate, and even at the beginning of the show, she had a “headshot” towards the camera. Even this little girl would not dare.

And our “Snow Aunt” even pointed to a small acne on the chin, Jiao said, “I have acne.”

You are 45 years old and you have acne. Where is the refusal and the obvious show off?
When it comes to maintenance, Wang Lin said that she would never follow the trend blindly, and she would never use those quick-acting and harmful methods of beauty.

She also uses anti-aging products, but tends not to fight botulinum toxins, not to mention cosmetic surgery.

I am very careful in the selection of skin care products, and replace those green, natural, non-replaceable ones, and I will continue to exercise every day.

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