How to drink vegetable soup to increase resistance

How to drink vegetable soup to increase resistance

Most vegetables are alkaline. Basically, humans are meat, and meat is acidic, so you need alkaline vegetables to neutralize it.

  Vegetables and fruits are rich in many vitamins and nutrients, which can provide the daily metabolism needed in our body.

  Basically, if the constitution is slightly alkaline, it is an environment that bacterial viruses don’t like, so it’s true that it can increase resistance.

  However, if you really want to increase your resistance, you should eat a balanced diet so that all the metabolism in the body can be carried out. The human body itself has the ability to repair, and moderate exercise is the best way to increase resistance!

This is the best, most convenient, and most side-effect-free natural food to improve your physique and enhance resistance to radon.

  Here are my experiences from selling vegetable soup for many years, and I will share with you: Vegetable soup can supplement the basic elements (phosphorus, calcium) needed by the brain.

  The function of collagen inside the alkaline body is enhanced, so it can be delayed, so if you want to buy soup for yourself, you must pay attention to buying (organic vegetables), even the so-called (hydroponic cultivation) vegetables, because thisVegetables do not contain nutrients produced by microorganisms in the soil.

  Because vegetable soup is not a medicine or even a pure vegetable, it cannot quickly achieve the effect of treatment. It can only rely on long-term continuous (just as if you need to drink water every day) to improve your physique to achieve a healthy effect.

Although they are all natural vegetable foods, they also need to understand the principles of matching, symbiosis, and grammar.

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