Mel Gibson, Sean Pan for the first time in the same frame, Professor and the Madman is set

Mel Gibson, Sean Pan for the first time in the same frame, “Professor and the Madman” is set
Sauna Night News (Reporter Zhou Huixiaowan) On December 16, the film “Professor and Madman” starring Mel Gibson and Sean Pan officially announced that it would be released nationwide on December 24.It is reported that the film is directed by the cutting-edge director Falhard Safnia and is based on real people. It is said that a professor and a madman compiled the strangest and strangest things in the Oxford English Dictionary, the earliest English dictionary in human history.Mel Gibson, Sean Pan’s first Hollywood actor in the same frame for the first time, aroused the attention and expectation of many audiences.File poster.The birth of “Oxford English Dictionary” is hailed as the largest compilation legend in human history. “Professor and Madman” tells the story of the dusty history for many years.Among them, Oscar’s best director winner Mel Gibson played “Professor” Dr. James Murray to promote the compilation of the dictionary with whimsical tricks; Oscar best actor winner Sean Pan played “Crazy” MaiNa, who was confined to a mental hospital because of schizophrenia, contributed more than 10,000 interpretations to the dictionary.Two people with completely different life paths have become friends because of the compilation of this dictionary.It is reported that the “maniac” Miner’s case data was sealed for a hundred years before it was decrypted. The famous British writer Simon Winchester wrote the original novel of the same name in 1998, and the French director Luc Besson.The original novel was recommended to Mel Gibson.When Gibson heard a book about compiling dictionaries, he mistakenly thought that “it may be the most boring story on earth”, but at the beginning, he read the “true fragrance” law.Stills.”Professor and Maniac” received good reviews after it was released overseas, and the Rotten Tomatoes scored 78%.Get 7 in Douban.At 7 points, many viewers praised the film as “the enjoyment of art and the expansion of knowledge”, “in the dark, find the feeling of light coming in”.Sauna, Ye Wang Zhou Huixiaowan Editor Wu Longzhen Proofreading He Yan

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