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Invisible 12 tips for skin ageing

Can skin age?

What’s the secret?

No hurry, here are 12 tips for keeping your skin younger for everyone, so that you are younger every day!

  To keep the skin long-lasting and not difficult, today I will teach you the way to enrich your knowledge of skin care, keep your skin fresh at the best time, and even look younger every day.

  Tip 1 Becoming a Sleeping Beauty Everyone knows that sleeping time at night is very important. It helps the body’s skin and internal organs to have a chance to rest and recover.

Recent studies have shown that skin temperature decreases during the night, as well as oxygen content and blood flow, and the peak of water loss during sleep at night.

Fortunately, the skin has a high permeability at night, so it is a skin care method that has been vigorously promoted recently to supplement the skin by sleeping time to achieve the function of replenishment and repair.

Of course, good quality sleep is also important.

If you find it difficult to fall asleep, try the following methods: 1. Eat early for dinner.

It takes at least three hours after eating to fall asleep, because the body is digesting food after eating, making it harder to fall asleep.

  2. Reduce the indoor temperature.

The initial room temperature is about 20 to 21 degrees Celsius. It is best to open a window a little so that the body can sleep peacefully in an airy environment and can breathe deeply.

  Tip 2 Aromatherapy soothes emotions Urban people live a tight life, and many people like to use aromatherapy to achieve soothing emotions.

Generally, tension is formed due to work stress. To relieve the emotional effects in this area, the most commonly used lavender, or bergamot + geranium + ylang ylang can be dripped into the aromatherapy machine, which can effectively relax the emotion.

You can also dip eight to ten drops of aromatherapy oil, such as four drops of lavender + three drops of marjoram + one drop of bougainvillea, into the bathtub to soak.

  In addition, nasal-sensitive MMs should choose aromatherapy oils such as Rowan Shaye, Eucalyptus and Frankincense which are helpful to the respiratory system.

Usually you can use them to absorb in the office or bedroom can help with problems such as trachea or respiratory system.

  Tip 3 The way to moisturize in the winter. When you feel that your skin is dry and tight, it is very unwise to apply cream on it. It is like drinking water. When you feel dry, your body is already lacking.Water.

  There are many moisturizing and moisturizing creams. In cold and dry weather, the skin’s moisture loss will be faster. Therefore, in addition to providing sufficient moisture and oil for the skin, products with water-locking functions should also be added so that no water loss occursFaster than hydration.

  Remember to immediately apply the moisturizing procedure to the skin after cleansing. Use your hands to warm the creamy moisturizer first, and then press it gently with your palm to face, it can be absorbed by the skin and immediately return to a soft touch.

  Tip 4 There is a way to eat youth. Everyone knows that illness comes from the mouth. In fact, youth can eat into the belly!

To prevent oxidation, in addition to using skin care products and doing aerobic exercises, you can use snacks on your diet to achieve results.

On the contrary, some foods will accelerate aging, and thinking about it before eating can delay aging.

  Nutritionists point out that refined and processed foods, flour-based products, high-temperature roasted high-fat meats, fried foods, baked goods, food preservatives and additives eat a lot of cities to accelerate decay.

Foods that may be antioxidants are recommended to eat more than 5 colors of fruit, including green, red, orange yellow, purple blue and white.

  In addition, the top 10 anti-aging foods are avocado, raspberries, cruciferous vegetables, garlic, ginger, nuts, soybeans, high-fiber whole wheat grains, watermelon and clear water.

  Tip 5: Remove dead skin on a regular basis Although the skin can clean up the cortex on its own, the skin’s metabolism slows down with age.

In some people, the rate of cell renewal decreases by as much as 100% between the ages of 30 and 60.

In addition, extremely dry or hot climates and other severe weather conditions can reduce the natural ability of the skin’s metabolism.

It is precisely for this reason that in the dry weather of winter, in order for the skin to absorb the skin care products you prepared for it, you must ensure that the dead skin on the surface of the skin has been cleaned up.

  The attitude of using dead skin products is also very important. Don’t be anxious and lazy!

Use scrub products can not be pushed vigorously, it is best to make a gentle circle in order to clean, and a few circles in the dead skin area, more sensitive areas can even avoid.

  Tip 6 Drink water smartly One of the easiest ways to stay young is to drink water!

Everyone knows eight glasses of water a day, but knowing and doing is difficult, how many people can do it?

  Smart Rule 1: Drinking a glass of water slowly on an empty stomach will help the kidneys and kidneys detoxify and expel toxins from the body. Therefore, the first glass of water after waking is very important.

  Smart Rule 2: As for the night time, many beauty-loving people do not take a sip of water because they are afraid of edema, which is very unwise.

Because the skin also loses water at night, half a glass of water before bed will help replenish the need for water loss.

  Smart Rule 3: Because warm water can be easily absorbed by the body, it is the first choice for recommendation!Drinking a glass of water slowly is better than swallowing a glass of water in one breath, because it can be absorbed by the cells slowly.

  Smart Rule 4: To remind yourself to drink water, you can put a water glass with a capacity on the work table.

In addition, add lemon slices in the water, bursts of fragrance will remind you the importance of drinking water.

  Tip 7: Antioxidant and anti-oxidant is an important part of preventing aging.

Except for the skin, the aging of the body and the failure of organs are the sequelae of oxidation, so long-term anti-oxidation is absolutely necessary.

There are many ways, in addition to the dietary antioxidants described earlier, you can also start from other aspects.

  1. Sun protection is needed all year round: when the skin is damaged by ultraviolet rays, it will oxidize and form wrinkles, dark spots and rough skin.

  2. Avoid free radical exercise: The amount of free radicals generated in the human body will increase with the increase of oxygen uptake during exercise. Therefore, the increase in the intensity of transformation exercise will increase the free radicals and accelerate the aging.

In contrast, moderate to low-level aerobic exercise has a promoting effect on the antioxidant function.

  3. Don’t smoke: smoke, fog, dust, Egyptian bacteria will make the skin particularly susceptible to oxidation, let alone directly smoke the body?

This is why smokers grow old fast.

  If you don’t want the skin to be yellow and rusty like an open apple, you need to carry out antioxidant work.

  Tip 8 The skin needs ABC to absorb the necessary nutrients from the vitamin pills. This is not only good for the skin, but also good for the entire body.

To make the skin look shiny, vitamin A is a good choice, because it can renew the cells.

In addition, Vitamin B can moisturize the skin; Vitamin C can prevent and repair the damage caused by ultraviolet rays; while Vitamin E can calm the skin; Vitamin K can lighten dark circles and help reduce scars.

  The above kinds of vitamins can increase the brightness of the skin and make people look too youthful.

  Tip 9: The importance of sun protection in winter Many people think that the sun in summer is more violent, and sun protection is always enough, but relax in winter.

It is undeniable that the ultraviolet rays in summer are relatively strong, but it does not mean that the sun in winter has no effect on the skin.

UVB varies by season, height, and time; however, UVA remains constant at every height throughout the year and never stops.

Even if it is blocked by glass, UVA cannot be reduced into the skin.

  Because UVA can penetrate the dermis layer, damage the skin’s connecting tissues, cause skin aging and darkening, and damage skin collagen, it is the brother’s hand that causes premature aging elderly people.

Even if you are an 18-year-old girl, your skin may age early due to UVA.

  Tip 10: Steam it up. Breathe out on a weekday or go to the gym to finish your exercise. Enjoy a steam bath that is good for your skin!

Steam can inject oxygen into your skin, enhance blood circulation, and also excrete toxins from the body when sweating, helping to remove dirt and old waste from the skin.

In the end, there was an unexpected gain: a pink powder Fifi cheek.

  However, it is important to note that the steam bath will be enough for a few minutes every Tuesday to three times. Remember to drink a glass of water when you are finished.

  Tip 11 Use mineral makeup Even if you are not used to makeup, it is recommended that you use cosmetics made from mineral ingredients, especially foundations.

Mineral foundation can provide a certain degree of concealing ability, and gently cover the red mark caused by sensitivity or other reasons on the surface.

Moreover, the mineral foundation has anti-inflammatory effect, and plays a role of care on acne-prone and sensitive skin.

Coupled with the foundation’s particle penetration, it will only stay on the skin surface and has a natural sun protection function, providing a protective layer for the skin, which can greatly reduce the external damage to the skin.

You know, skin that is often slightly inflamed will accelerate the production of melanin cells, so how can you let go of the dressing procedure that can even make up for skin care?

  Tip 12 There are many people who fail to smell good skin because of the difficulty in persevering in the use of anti-aging products. In addition to knowing whether the nature of the product is suitable for personal needs, there are following tips to help you use it longer and make skin care products 100% Works.

In fact, the taste of skin care products is very important. At the same time, the good smell has an encouraging effect, so you don’t resist applying it on the surface every night.

In addition, the pleasant aroma can relax the tension and fatigue of the body and mind, and the relaxed nerves can help suppress skin inflammation and reduce the appearance of melanin.

May wish to put the cream on the palm of your hand until it is warm, and then close your face and vigorously breathe the heart, then slowly apply it on the surface and gently press until it is completely absorbed.

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