A large collection of yoga venues in Guangzhou

A large collection of yoga venues in Guangzhou

Guangzhou Yoga Studio has a large collection of yoga, because its sports are limited by the venue and its movements are easy to learn. It is loved and sought after by urban white-collar workers.

In essence, the corresponding yoga industry is also booming. In addition to fitness classes with a variety of fitness equipment, there are yoga classes, and some professional yoga venues are blooming.

As a beginner in yoga, finding a good venue to practice yoga is a top priority.

Where should I go to practice yoga?

  Therefore, the editor has deliberately collected yoga venues and special courses in Guangzhou, and friends who want to learn yoga do not prevent them from making a reference.

See what works for you!

  Guangzhou Youji Yoga Hall Location: 3 classroom features: Hot Yoga, Rehabilitation Yoga, Office Yoga, Maternity Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Energy Meditation Address: Fanhua Yoga Center, South Gate of Tianhe Park Location: The largest classroom can accommodate 50 people.
  Features: Yin Yoga, 3D Yoga, Plastic Rope Yoga, Women’s Health Yoga Address: Bluebird Fitness Center, Building 3, No. 97 Liwan Road Features: Strength Yoga, Physiological Yoga Address: Li MeijianFitness center venue: can accommodate 50 people Features: meditation yoga, power flow yoga, balance yoga Address: 7th floor of Wanguo Plaza, No. 40, Zhongjin Road, Jiangnan Avenue, Guangzhou Yoga Center Base Location: Diversified Living Yoga Club Main Course: Relaxing Yoga,Thermal yoga, plastic ball yoga Yoga room situation: The big room is limited to 20 people, the small room is 10 people Anso Yoga Location: 2 classrooms, including meditation room for one-on-one training.

  Features: Lumbar and kidney health care, women’s conditioning yoga Address: 95 Hengfu Road, Guangzhou Diversity Life Yoga Hall Location: A total of about 50 people Features: Loop Yoga, Plastic Rope Yoga Guojian Yoga Training Center Location: 3 classrooms, eachCan accommodate 20 people Features: Meditation Dance, Strength, Beauty Yoga Address: 58 Taojin Road Yiran Tomorrow Yoga Center Location: 3 Classroom Features: Meridian Yoga Address: Tianrun Road Jindayuan 67 First Floor Brahma Yoga Location: 4Classroom Features: Children’s Yoga, Yoga Dance, Meditation Singing Address: 6th Floor, Asian Yoga Association Guangzhou Yoga Teacher Training Academy, No.142-144, Haiyi Pavilion, Sun Plaza, Tianrun Road Location: 6 Classroom Features: Decompression Yoga Address: GuangzhouOlympic Garden Yoga Pedestrian Venue: Capacity 20 people Features: Fitness Ball Yoga, Double Yoga, Chiropractic Health Care Address: Clubhouse on the third floor of New Pearl River Hotel, 795 East Binjiang Road

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