How can ecstasy sex miss these five moments?

How can ecstasy sex miss these five moments?

Are you accustomed to starting your sex life at midnight and stereotyped the alarm clock when you get up.

  However, it is a big mistake to set a fixed schedule and program and wait for the expected effect.

  It’s better to leave the sex clock and try to jump to bed at any time of the day except at midnight!

  Morning morning “early morning”: 5:6-6:16 An Italian scholar pointed out that the best time to make love is when you are not hungry and not sleepy, preferably in the morning.

  This is because the insulin ketone content in men’s body will be about 25% higher than the rest of the day in the morning. Wouldn’t it be a pity if the libido peak time slipped away?

  In the name of the night, the sex index of people in the early morning is the hottest.

  At this moment, you have extra physical strength, rosy skin, wild and messy hairstyle, and this effect is only available in the morning.

  Unfavorable diseases: Women pay more attention to feelings and feelings in sex. The “dating” that didn’t wash your face early in the morning may make them feel too direct, and more importantly, delay their breakfast time.

  Midday “small scorpion”: 12:00-13 pm to 12 noon, the man’s lust into a small climax.

At this time, due to the secretion of sex hormones, women have become more sexy, eager to have relatives with their loved ones.

  Choosing this time to make love is very appropriate in terms of physical strength.

  Because the three hours of work in the morning will not be overwhelming us, and we will have a taste of our loved ones in our lives.

  If in the summer, there are more people who have sex in the afternoon than in other seasons, and the sex life arrangement in the bathroom is more innovative than the bed.

  Unfavorable disease: Although the quick fix is very fresh and exciting, if the lunch is too full, it may cause stomach discomfort due to intense movement.

  Also, if you don’t have enough time to take a nap, it is very likely that you will be snoring at the meeting in the afternoon.

  Twilight “Hungry”: At 18 o’clock, when the sun goes down, people who have been working for a day are also very tired. Maybe the physical strength at this time is not the best, but the thirst is reaching the peak of the day.

  The lover of this time period is like a wolf, and can smell the pure animal from the other side.

  Sexuality at dusk is the most daring and imaginative, and people at this time most want to try to break through the routine.

  It is the same for women, ending the day’s work, and having a long, relaxing evening waiting for us, and the mood is very relaxed.

  You can go straight to the big bed after work to have a leisurely sex, so that both sides can get great satisfaction in emotion.

  Unfavorable diseases: This period of time is most likely to be disturbed. No matter where you choose to make love, you may be interrupted by one phone after another. It is even more difficult for a large family to live together.

  Dinner “ecstasy”: 19:00 to 20:00, there is no interruption of work, dinner time belongs to the world of two people, swaying lights, creating romantic wine, in order to avoid the waste caused by fullness, you can eat some fragrantSmall snacks.

  At this moment, the two can calmly and linger, and have enough time to complete the foreplay.

  Then, after the passion, go eat a big meal.

  Disadvantages: You may fall asleep when you are exhausted, and then wake up in the middle of the night.

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