The secret of sleep health: sleep the most healthy in that direction

The secret of sleep health: sleep the most healthy in that direction

Scientific research shows that people should adopt the orientation of the head north and south when sleeping.

This is because the earth itself has a geomagnetic field, and the direction of the earth’s magnetic field is north-south (sub-polar and arctic). The magnetic field has the property of attracting iron, cobalt and nickel. This kind of element is contained in the human body, especially in the blood.The iron (in the hemoglobin of red blood cells), chooses the head north to the south to sleep, can conform to the magnetic field lines, so that the magnetic lines smoothly penetrate the human body, instead of the magnetic field interference to the human body, making sleep more sweet.

  Chinese medicine also believes that people should go north and south when sleeping, and head north to south.

The explanation is that taking this kind of sleeping direction, the direction of blood flow in the human body is in the same direction as the earth’s magnetic field line (that is, the biomolecules in the human body will be changed from the disorganized direction into the orientation), which is easy to make the blood flow smooth and the metabolic rate.Reduced, reduced energy consumption, and wake up, naturally feel refreshed.

  The sleeping position of the head north of the south, invisibly requires us to place the bed in the bedroom, it is appropriate to face the north and south, try not to face things.

This is because the way of swinging things forward and forward will directly lead people to move forward when they sleep. As a result, it is easy to change the distribution of blood in the human body, especially affecting the blood distribution of the brain, causing insomnia.Or dream, reduce the quality of sleep.

  Many medical scientists in ancient and modern times believe that regardless of men, women and children, lying to the right, the slight bending of the body is the best sleeping position.

This is mainly derived from the physiological structure of human beings.

The human heart is at the top of the chest, the opening of the graft is on the right side, and the liver is on the right side.

If you lie on the right side, you can reduce the pressure on the heart. If the pressure on the heart is small, it will help the blood to beat out and increase the blood supply to the organs such as the stomach and liver. At the same time, the stomach contents will flow more easily in the right lateral position.The duodenum and small intestine are therefore beneficial to the digestion and absorption of food and the metabolism of the human body.

  In addition, sleeping in this position can also allow the whole body muscle to recover from relaxation during sleep, and to ensure smooth breathing and to minimize physiological activities in the heart, lungs and body.

Because the heart is not under pressure, the lungs are free to breathe, so it can ensure the oxygen supply needed by the whole body during sleep, so that the brain can fully rest and improve the quality of sleep.

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