Jeremy Lin praised the team’s victory, Liu Xiaoyu declined to interview after buckling

Jeremy Lin praised the team’s victory, Liu Xiaoyu “declined to interview” after buckling
The Beijing Shougang men’s basketball team defeated the Guangzhou team 112 to 104 at home tonight. The soldiers thought that even the second half allowed opponents to chase points, but the team’s overall performance broke through to win.Jeremy Lin said that this is the victory of the team.Liu Xiaoyu dunked the ball in the fourth quarter and became the target of ridicule by his teammates after the game.Jeremy Lin broke through the opponent’s defense.Sauna, night net Wu Jiangshe “We entered the game in the second half in a wrong way, a little negative and made mistakes again and again, and our defense was unacceptable at the time. Such a performance is not our true nature,” coach Janis criticized the team’s performance in the second half.At the same time, frankly, being able to win is a good result, “but the significance of this game is still very important to us, and the players deserve vigorous praise in these days.”Liu Xiaoyu struggled under the basket.Sauna, Ye Wang Wu Jiang Shelin Shuhao said: “Although our defense in the second half was not so good, we still have some good things and finally won.”Today is a team victory. Everyone comes up with two rebounds and our rebounds are beautiful.”The Shougang team led the game with 45 to 32 rebounds and the team had 29 assists. Youdu scored 26 points and 9 rebounds. Jeremy Lin contributed 22 points, 8 rebounds and 7 assists.Especially easy and exciting.In the sauna, when the night net Wu Jiangshe basically won, Liu Xiaoyu pulled a ball from the opponent in the fourth quarter and the ball was counterattacked. After rushing into the undefended basket and leaping high, the dunk action surprised the scene, but in the end heGrabbing the basket with both hands, the ball flicked out of the basket, causing teammates to laugh.Zhai Xiaochuan dunk drama.In the sauna, Ye Wang went back to the locker room after the match. Liu Xiaoyu shouted “No interviews”, and finally hacked himself, “I’m too impulsive. I may drink too much sports drinks below.”When Jeremy Lin was asked how to view the accident, he first asked the reporter” how do you comment “, and then laughed:” He is very confident, the front 90% are very beautiful, and finally . but no problem, we are not worried about thisDunk.”

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