21st Century White Collar Business Model

21st Century White Collar Business Model

In the 21st century, white-collar workers who entertain in work can no longer be workaholics.

Instead of working night and day until retirement, like the predecessors, you should entertain your work.

Work in a harmonious arrangement of your overall life.

This is not to say that people in the past did not understand life, only now that people have begun to pay attention to life, but that people in the past cannot do this due to the limitation of production technology. Only modern people can do it.

Being able to do it without doing so is wrong for modern people.

In the past, people became workaholics without blame, but nowadays, especially white-collar workers, and even workaholics are not appropriate.

This is the change that times have caused people to make changes.

Because in today’s era, people who work in proportion to people who understand the balance of life can handle work and life more efficiently.

People do not work for work, the direct purpose of work is to live.

What’s the point of working without the rest you deserve?

  And under the new conditions, the profit of work depends on the brains of white-collar workers.

Only when life is balanced and the work entertained and no one feels the pressure of work can white-collar workers work better.

  In the 21st century, time is more important than money, because time is life.

  Profits Everyone shares a good white-collar worker. In future work, we must learn to coexist with others, so that the strength of others develops themselves, not to use their own power to fight others.

The 21st century is an era when human beings begin to co-exist and co-exist. It is for everyone to progress together and survive together, instead of living on your own.

The competition in the present era is cruel, and the loser’s end is even worse than the loser on the battlefield, but this is the helplessness of the real society.

  Learn to cooperate with others and be kind to others in order to seek maximum development in the 21st century.

Here, it is required that the future white-collar workers can be blessed and shared. It is difficult to share the same. The profits of the company should be shared by everyone. Other benefits are also generously distributed to everyone.

  Treating consumers as relatives’ market is people’s survival line, and marketing is the focus of white-collar work.

Now, good white-collar workers understand that marketing must understand the market, but the essence of understanding the market is to understand the consumer.

Understanding consumers includes understanding consumers’ interests, hobbies, work, family, personality, lifestyle habits, circle of friends, future plans and more.

Marketing is a fun art.

The change of concept requires white-collar workers to understand consumers until they regard them as their loved ones, not as consumers.

Humanity is the most important thing in the 21st century.

In marketing, we must not only understand marketing, but also some psychology.

  Learn to survive online. Otherwise, white-collar workers still can’t get started.

In fact, the reason people change their minds is because their labor skills have improved.

Learning to survive on the Internet is a basic requirement for people in the 21st century.

  Working from home is also a major trend in the 21st century.

  There are many benefits to working from home, but you must first resist temptations, including dogs, cats, people, flowers, television, etc.

In fact, working from home is a transformation of a company’s development model, based on the transformation of skills into the necessary and necessary conditions.

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