Teach you how to prevent hair loss

Teach you how to prevent hair loss

Too many people are troubled by hair loss, there are several tips to prevent hair loss!

  The first method to prevent hair loss is to eliminate the feeling of mental depression and mental disorders, and worry about anxiety every day leading to hair loss. The deeper the depression, the faster the hair loss.

For women, with a busy life and a proper amount of exercise, their hair will be dark and full of vitality.

On the contrary for men, the more stressful their lives, the hectic their work, and the chances of hair loss surpass.

Therefore, regular deep breathing, walking, relaxation gymnastics, etc. can eliminate the mental fatigue of the day.

  To prevent hair loss, pay attention to the ventilation of the hat and helmet.

The hair is intolerant to sweltering heat. Some people wearing hats and helmets have long, airtight and prone to stuffy hair.

In particular, the pore muscles that are oppressed by the hat or helmet at the hairline easily loosen and cause hair loss.

Therefore, ventilation of hats and helmets should be done well, such as putting on a hollow lining or adding small holes.

  The third method to prevent hair loss is to control drinking, liquor, especially hot liquor to the scalp to generate heat and moisture, causing hair loss.

Even beer should be in moderation, and the liver should be “rested” for at least two days a week (ie, stop drinking).

  Method 4 to prevent hair loss. Be careful with perm hair. The hot temperature of the hair dryer can reach 100 degrees, which will damage the hair tissue and hurt the scalp. Therefore, avoid total hair blowing.

The number of perming waves should not be too much, and the effect of the perm liquid on the hair cannot be resisted, and the number of perm hairs will greatly hurt the vitality.

  Five ways to prevent hair loss, eat more vegetables to prevent constipation.

Always eat more grains and fruits throughout the year.

If the intake of vegetables is reduced, it will easily cause constipation and “reduce blood”, which will affect the quality of the hair. Hemorrhoids will accelerate hair loss on the top of the head.

  Method 6 to prevent hair loss, air conditioning should be appropriate.

Both warm and humid winds and cold winds of air conditioners can cause hair loss and gray hair. Too dry or too humid air is not good for protecting hair.

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