Explain the effect of fruits on human health

Explain the effect of fruits on human health

Fruit is rich in nutrients and plays a great role in people’s health, so even Chinese medicine regards it as a good medical formula.

  Apples: One apple a day. The doctor keeps away from chronic diarrhea of spleen and stomach deficiency type with tin foil. It is cooked and contains the most fructose, organic acids, pectin, and trace elements.

Pectin: belongs to soluble fiber, promotes insulin metabolism, reduces plasma levels, and promotes micro-exhaustion; 2.

Trace elements: Potassium dilates blood vessels, which is beneficial to patients with hypertension; zinc deficiency can lead to disorders of insulin metabolism and decreased sexual function.


Organized gastrointestinal: Fibrous substances can help excretion; it also has astringent effects on diarrhea.


Apple peel + a few slices of ginger boiling water: can stop vomiting.


Can reduce the cold of pears, strengthen lungs and stomach.

  Autumn lungs water: several apples / pears +1 two lilies + 15 grams of Dendrobium + 9 grams of north and south apricots Papaya: Mangosteen is sweet, flat, slightly cold, proteolytic enzyme


Contains enzymes similar to human growth hormone, eat more to maintain youth.


Protein enzymes can help break down proteins and starches, which can greatly replace the digestive system.


In addition to helping digestion, it can relieve heat and quench thirst, moisturize the lungs and relieve cough, and be helpful for cold, sputum, constipation, and chronic bronchitis.

  Cooked papaya + persimmon frying, can cure asthmatic cough. Peeled papaya + steamed + honey, cure papaya and cough raw papaya juice or dried ground powder, can repel insects.

  Papaya cooks fish tail or trotters to promote milk secretion.

  Watermelon: Natural cold / stomach cold, pregnant women, people with a slightly dry body and a cold base should not be suitable.

  Strong and hot people are suitable.

  I accidentally eat too much and I feel dizzy, but with a piece of ginger to save it.

  Pear: The fruit of Baiguozong is a good product for clearing heat, and it is cold with cold / physical constitution. People with cold cough should not eat it raw. It must be steamed or put in soup or stewed with herbs.

  Swan pears, fragrant pears, and tribute pears are cooler; thick-skinned pears and imported pears are colder.

  Eat more apricots with sore throat, north and apricot, pear (with cold) + white fungus (cold), boiled sugar water, cure dry mouth.

However, it is more suitable for people who have real heat or need to clear heat due to virtual fire.

  North and South apricot, pear (with cold) + Fritillaria chuanchuanensis 9 grams boiled syrup to strengthen the lungs.

  North and South apricot, pear (with cold) + lily boiled sugar water, nourishing yin and soothe the nerves.

  Mango: It is not appropriate to eat more with medicinal value.

  The skin is moist and has skin diseases or tumors. Avoid eating (eczema / pumping / gynecological disease / edema / beriberi-wet will increase if you eat mango). Immature may cure allergies;

  One of the few protein protein fruits, eat more and get full.


Good eyes, moisturize the skin.


Detoxification stagnates and reduces blood pressure.


Stop vomiting and cure seasickness.

Pregnant woman is gagging.
  Kiwi / Kiwi: Prevent cancer. Eating with a cough may worsen the condition.

Vitamin C is 20-80 times higher than apples and 5-10 times higher than citrus. This antioxidant can effectively prevent the formation of carcinogen nitrite in humans.


Lower your breath.

Nourish and strengthen the body, clearing heat and diuretic, clearing the stomach and moistening.


He was upset and had scurvy, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, cancer, etc.


Don’t do anything to treat digestive tract cancer and lung cancer.

  Mangosteen: sexual to cold to cold / deficiency, it is okay to eat less, not to eat more.

Do not eat with cold things like watermelon, soy milk, beer, cabbage, mustard, bitter gourd, winter melon lotus leaf soup.

  Inadvertently eat too much, boil ginger tea with brown sugar.

  Pineapple: Shengjin and stomach are hot and humid.

  Fasting for patients with sensitive trachea or bronchus.

  Need to be immersed in salt water to decompose some organic acids and reduce their toxicity.


Cationic fiber, can stimulate constant.

It has astringent effect, and it can help stop diarrhea if you don’t have diarrhea.


Spleen and stomach, solid vitality.

Pineapple tincture breaks down proteins in the stomach and helps digestion.


Feeling throat discomfort after eating is an allergy symptom, you need to drink a glass of light saline to reduce allergenic ingredients.

  Durian: Deficiency tonic is used for heat retention and cancer / recovery, skin disease or yin deficiency and liver heat, and those with deficient constitution can eat impotence and help fire.

  Postpartum deficiency can be used as a tonic.

  Eating too much can immediately eat a few mangosteens to dissolve lychee: those who cause fire, ecstasy, real heat, yin deficiency, and fire deficiency (skin disease, dry mouth, insomnia) should not be eaten.

  Gout, people with diabetes should not eat more.

  Those with a calm constitution or debilitating cold can enjoy it.

  Those who eat too much, eat cold watermelon or drink a bowl of lotus leaf melon water. The nature of the water is mild / coconut can replenish sunfire and strengthen the body. It is suitable for those who are weak, weak limbs, and easily tired.

  Those who are hot in the body should not.

  Aunt and protein content.

  Coconut glutinous rice stewed chicken has beneficial effects.

  Coconut water + ginseng + lily + Dendrobium = Qingre Yangyin Coconut Water + Winter Melon Seeds = Xiefeihuo Coconut Water + Sexually Cool Tremella or Clear Yellow Lemon: Lemon tea is not suitable for women with fruit stomach problems.


Lemon juice + warm water + salt = expectorant effect, stronger than orange and orange.


Early cold: lemon + honey flush = relieve sore throat / reduce dry throat discomfort3.

It can calm the baby[be suitable for mother and child], beautify, remove spots, prevent pigmentation, improve uterine forward leaning, uterine ligament sagging or even amenorrhea4.

Lemon can lower blood pressure and cholesterol and improve cardiovascular.

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