Seeing Chinese people’s greed from stealing life jackets from civil servants

Seeing Chinese people’s greed from stealing life jackets from civil servants

Core tip: The most successful description of the Chinese people’s greed for cheapness is probably the most successful Mr. Lu Xun. In his pen, the image of tofu Xi Shi Yang Erhuan’s greed for cheapness is vividly displayed.A true portrayal of psychology.

  The Chinese are notoriously greedy for cheap, otherwise civil servants will not steal life jackets.

And another major reason for this incident’s attention is that these people have special identities and are envied civil servants. It seems that things like stealing life jackets don’t just happen to ordinary people.You can see it.

  The history of Chinese people’s love for small and cheap can be described as long-term.

The most famous is probably the record of the Warring States Period about the death of Yan Guo due to greed for cheap.

During the Warring States Period, the heroes joined together, and the battle continued. Yan Qi and the two also kept complaining. After Qin Guo buried 400,000 Zhao Guo’s death in Changping, King Yan Zhao saw an opportunity. He first sent a messenger to flatter King Zhao, and then attacked Zhao, Want to pick up some cheap, Zhao Wang sent Lian quite general, defeated the Yan Army, hunted down the Yan Army more than 500 miles, surrounded the kingdom of Yan Guo, Yan Guo offered to make peace after the state, and suffered heavy losses.

Later, this covetous desire for cheapness caused Yan and Zhao to continue to conflict. Eventually, Qin Jun came to the city and led to the destruction of the country.

  It should be acknowledged that the national cultural vitality of the State of Yan is very tenacious, and they have escaped from death several times, indicating that they have great potential.

But they couldn’t help tempting, and they had an innate desire to face the opportunity. It was good to do small things. If they were to do big things, they would definitely do one thing.

Under the influence of small greed, it is difficult for a country to do much.

  In fact, there are countless such stories in history. The Chinese people’s small greed is formed under the combined effects of China’s inherent culture and history. It has certain inferiority, but it also reflects a nation’s thinking habits and traditions.

  The most successful description of the Chinese people’s greed for cheapness is probably the most successful Mr. Lu Xun. In his pen, the image of tofu Xi Shi Yang Erhuan’s greedy for cheapness is vividly described.A true portrayal.
  China is a country advocating Confucian culture. Under the influence of this ideology, the feudal society has formed the basic norms, and continued the previous year, and the small peasant economy became the economic pillar of this social system.

Under the influence of traditional thinking and small farmers’ thinking, the Chinese people’s narrow consciousness has gradually strengthened, only for the sake of profit, love to pick up small and cheap, and change the development of history, this idea has not changed, but has been further strengthened.

  In addition to the influence of traditional cultural thinking, the reason for this mentality is that for a long time, the country’s economic downturn has led to backwardness, especially under the conditions of individual small farmers. The ability to withstand risks has caused a particularly low level, and it has gradually changed in disguise.The flood of ideas.

  I saw an incident like this, an old lady in Beijing, because of the traditional habits formed in the early years, stocks a large amount of cabbage every autumn and winter.

One year, because the price of cabbage was relatively low, the old lady asked her son to buy it.

However, because he lived in a building, he had no reserve conditions. Finally, in order to meet the old lady’s wishes, the son had to weld a shed on the balcony. In the end, the money for cabbage was not as much as the money for the shed.

  Since the reform and opening up, due to the increase in international exchanges, Chinese people have been accused of greed for cheap.

In fact, greed is the root of humanity as a whole, not unique to China.

This inferiority has been suppressed in their growth process and living environment, while the Chinese have in turn inflated this inferiority by being supported.

Parents have taught them that they can’t afford to lose money outside. If you lose money, you will be asked: why are you so stupid?

Whether speaking or doing things to win the peak will be praised: this child is really smart.

Over time, everyone has these indifferent, selfish psychology.

When grown up to participate in the work, in the state-owned enterprises, everything that is in the unit and they need it must find ways to get it in the unit.

And some people in the unit like to use public things to give love.

Therefore, we do not take nothing for nothing, and the long-term greed and cheapness are ingrained.

However, when Chinese people go abroad and change their environment, they still do not converge, so they often see Chinese people picking eggs and amaranths in stores. The number of people is so large that they form the overall concept: China is greedy and cheap.

  Returning to the incident of the civil servants stealing life jackets, as a civil servant, it should be clear about what can and cannot be taken on the plane, but why should it be stolen?

After all, little greed is at work, and the moral cost paid is not enough to make up for the benefits it brings.

  Changing this mentality of the Chinese people and preventing the occurrence of the phenomenon of stealing life jackets by civil servants can only be attributed to the improvement of national quality and the change of traditional thinking habits, so that the power of morality can play its due role.

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