Hot Yoga for Winter Sports

Hot Yoga for Winter Sports

Introduction: Due to the high temperature in winter, the environment and methods of exercise become very important. The yoga studio just makes up for this shortcoming. The increased heat class just allows people to release better, and at the same time, it can avoid the stiffness and injuries in winter.

  Safe winter is more suitable for practicing hot yoga. “Winter is a season of gaining weight. Lack of exercise and appetite increase greatly, making most people gain about 10 pounds after a winter.

“Yoga teacher Zhou Caizhu said.

So many women begin to “cramp” as soon as spring, which is actually not good for the human body.

Therefore, in order to keep people in good shape and at the same time in order to better detox, heat class came into being.

  Zhou Caizhu said that the heat class is mainly set up in winter to allow people to exercise in a good environment. Generally, the yoga room is mainly indoor, while the heat class is to adjust the internal temperature to about 30 ° C, and the temperature is similarIn summer temperatures.

People can sweat even if wearing only a vest inside. This can effectively eliminate toxins in the winter. At this temperature, human muscles and ligaments are more flexible than in winter, and people are less likely to be injured during exercise.

  Distinguishing hot yoga is not hot yoga “At this time, many people will misunderstand whether hot yoga is hot yoga?

In fact, there are preset differences between the two.

Zhou Caizhu said.

At present, the most common one is hot yoga. This hot yoga is also mainly introduced in winter.

First of all, high-temperature yoga is generally practiced at a temperature of 38 ° C to 40 ° C, and hot yoga is to adjust the temperature to about 30 ° C that people can accept in summer, so many people who cannot afford high-temperature yoga can also enjoy in winterTemperature yoga.

On average, people with high blood pressure generally can’t perform high-temperature yoga exercise, but can perform hot yoga.

  But Zhou Caizhu reminded that too much hot yoga to lose weight in the winter will cause too much water loss in the body and easily cause physical decline.

She suggested that hot yoga should not be used more than three times a week. Do not lose weight too much. Maintaining a proper body fat ratio can help protect against cold and prevent sudden illness.

  Note that the warm-up exercise should be sufficient in winter. The cold weather causes the human body to become stiff. At this time, many people will feel that the body movement cannot be pulled.

  ”Practising yoga is not a competition. It feels comfortable.

Zhou Caizhu said.
She told reporters that many people often “strive hard” when practicing yoga, thinking that others can do it themselves, and try to pull the body apart, which often leads to muscle and ligament strain.

In the winter, strains are more likely to occur. The reason is that before starting yoga, insufficient warm-up or slow warm-up often causes some muscle ligaments not to open, which is prone to sprains and strains.

It is recommended to use 5 times of non-stop sun worship to warm up, to achieve a slight fever and sweat, and then perform other exercises.

  Be wary of avoiding outdoor yoga as much as possible Nowadays, many people like outdoor yoga. In winter, outdoor yoga should be avoided.

First, because of the cold weather, people are stiff in the air and easily injured. Second, yoga is about an atmosphere, and the pressure to end work is heavy, and many white-collar workers are aggravated. In a good environment, yoga can effectively relieve tensionTherefore, if the place is not selected outdoors, the atmosphere will be difficult to achieve, and the yoga effect will not reach the best effect.

The third is that people are susceptible to cold when they are cold.

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